Saturday, 3 September 2016

Why all students should learn how to play a music instrument- Aditi

Learning to play a music instrument has a lot of benefits. It improves coordination, memory, perseverance and a number of other things. It also develops mathematical skills, and may also improve teamwork skills. Listening to some types of music can also be relaxing. Learning a musical instrument has a lot of advantages, so in my opinion, all students should learn or at least try to play an instrument.

Firstly, playing a musical instrument helps with learning. Studies show that students who play instruments are often better at mathematics and achieve higher grades at school than students who don't. This will help students throughout their lifetime,  especially students who want to have careers in science, health, technology or engineering. There is also clear evidence about children who take music lessons and develop better memory, compared with children who have no musical training. This means that students won't forget important things such as their homework, diaries, assignments, gear or events.

Playing a musical instrument can develop athletic performance. While they are learning an instrument, students often develop hand-eye coordination -  abilities which help them in all sorts of sports. Teamwork skills are also improved as students have to cooperate with each other in band or orchestra settings. In addition,  learning to play an instrument takes time and effort, which gives student important values such as patience and perseverance. These skills are vital for a number of activities.

Finally, learning music can refine student's time management and organisational skills. This happens because students are required to organise their practise times to progress quicker. Musical instruments require a lot of care. Each instrument has different procedures to keep it functioning properly. Taking care of their instruments results in students becoming more responsible. Being responsible will make students more capable and trustworthy. Listening to music is also relaxing and can reduce stress or anxiety. Knowing how to play an instrument results in students being able to overcome stress, anxiety and frustration a lot more easily.

In conclusion, knowing how to play an instrument helps students throughout their life. It improves performance in both academic and physical areas. Learning an instrument can also help in emotional development. Clearly studying music has a lot of advantages. So in my opinion everyone should learn to play a music instrument!

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